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Inexperienced students believe that it is a digest of all course work or a large scientific paper. Others believe theses are written report at the conference. Third – a simple list of guidelines. All these students right and wrong at the same time. Theses are small but self-contained article. It includes the main provisions of your scientific researches, thus it is written in simple and clear language and is short squeeze all of the great work. There are certain requirements how to write a thesis article, conference, thesis, but, in principle, the essence of this essay is to make it clear to the reader what the work is, what is its novelty and uniqueness, which postulates you stand for and what is your evidence base. The paper should clearly demonstrate the progress your logical reasoning.

A small amount of the article excludes all spilling the idea of the tree. No lyrical digressions and maintenance of threads in General are not allowed. Because the first sentence should carry valuable information. It responds immediately to two questions: "what will I write?" and "Why what I say here matter?" From this the audience or readers know about your work the scientific novelty, or is it only a school essay, listing all of the known facts. Here's how to write a thesis experienced speakers. They begin the text with these words: "In this work we will consider..." or "Our article deals with the problem...". And the following sentence: "Despite the widespread belief that...", "I will try to prove...". Membership usually devote a single paragraph

Any of theses can be assigned to one of two basic types:
Abstracts, compiled by the publications of another author.
Theses written on the basis of their own original material.

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